‘City Inn fifty percent off’ meeting

This evening after a great day at work (the bit that pays the bills – ahem – note to director) we went to City Inn cafe and capitalised on their 50% ‘neighbours’ deal – £27 pounds for 2 courses each plus fluffy blankets and bread rolls; attentive staff with cute, furry eyebrows. Tomorrow we will meet officially at the BBC to schedule the interviews, check out the phone equipment and stuuuufff like that. Its getting sunny which means summer nights, walks… ah yes – the film… so we are going to get some postcards made from the pictures and we hope the velodrome people like them. The people we met are so lovely and chatty and helpful. There might need to be some pick-up shots to capture the warmth and chattyness – but that’s the director’s problemmmmm.

We watched Zidane and his monologue and of course it is depressingly brilliant and perfect all at once. i need rest to let my brain come up with something equally surprising and brilliant. We had a play with editing a few little snippets together last night – we need to do some more of that – and i still want my burning ember shottttttttttttttt….. goddamnit – or at least i want it considered to think about how it is signified in the film.

We came across a mildly comedic shot with the coach alongside a sign post – i’ll see if the director can post it with this entry.

What we realised from the beer meeting was that we need to watch the footage and see how it touches us – come to it and it stirs something inside and that thing is you – which is why the ember shot and other signifiers are needed along with a good deal of silence and funny gestures and the cutting to break into memory / connection – in the outside world.


Over and out – i must now watch luther on iplayer – (one thing the BBC are very good for).


About Erinma Ochu

I've had lots of jobs in my life, too many to mention but my first love is writing.
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