The outline

Cote D'Azur
Hurrah – the scene by scene is now coming together for me  as i read and re-read these blog posts. Of course the narrative can be broken up at some point so the audience pulls the story together.

1. Shots of preparation beforehand – people waiting to have their go and being led to the track. Their desire and anticipation to get on the track.

conversation about the rules of the track – talking about the lines – the blue line – where you get on and off and the other lines

2. Building up speed on and off the track

the ground outside – this is when we can hear a single voice – it will help focus the mind.

3. Gesturing on the track – looking behind

Link to early memory – kid on cyclist, men smoking and chatting, families, track racing,

4. Back to the track and seeing overtaking on the track

Link to future – talk of hope, image of person practising on their bike at home or people walking about touching the track, view from a moving train, the moving sky.

5. Repeat 2, 3, 4 until the brain (audience) gets it with an *interlinking segment

6. End (link end shot to the beginning)

Same sound of shoes on track but not seeing that – seeing something else e.g. bikes lined up in corridor –

*Note: The film will be cyclical and episodic in nature – aim for three short loops – with three different voices – all essentially saying the same thing but through a different voice and different images – with an interlinking segment e.g. coach giving a chat of encouragement and the whistle and the coach watching.

The archive and/ or non-velodrome shots will carry a single voice to make it easy to focus in on what is being said there.

The film is the journey archive.


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I've had lots of jobs in my life, too many to mention but my first love is writing.
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