Funny old world

On Friday I went with Kevin (sound designer) to the Velodrome so he could record the sounds he’d need to design the sound track. It was fun going back into the friendly world of the veterans (despite our various problems in being able to record clean sound) and I think Kev had fun returning to his Manc roots and topping up on a dose of northern friendliness.

Now that the film is nearly done I am looking forward to hear what audiences think about the film. It would have been good to have had an executive working on this film that could have given feedback on the fine cut. But it was really useful to get Kevin’s input to the film, as fresh eyes and ears, and i love his ideas for sounds that could be used to evoke a sense of the past and a collective memory.

A nice memento for me was this picture of Allen and me taken by Kev as we waited outside the veladrome for a taxi. Allen is one of the veterans who spotted me in the car park as me and Kev were leaving and he came over to excitedly show me a picture of one of the trainers with champion cyclist, Chris Hoy that he’d taken and had blown up.

I really hope the cyclists like the film and that we have remained true to their experiences and memories in how we have constructed a film. They were so generous to bring us into their world and to help us illuminate something of the past and translate it into the magic of cinema. There are loads of people to thank that helped make the film happen: The North West film Archive for example. I don’t think we could have ever conceived of the film if we hadn’t had access to footage.

We need a cast and crew screening of the film to round things off and to think about getting it into some film festivals.


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