Cote D’Azur @andfestival 2011: experience is everything….


We were overjoyed to hear that Cote D’Azur was picked for the Abandon Normal Devices Festival. We headed over to Fact in Liverpool to watch the shorts screening one Saturday morning in early October 2011, only to be told that our film wasn’t going to be screened! You can imagine our disappointment… until, we were told afterwards that the film got pulled from the screening because… its been selected for screening at the Olympic Games Big Screens and Live Sites 2012 which means that the film might go from 100 people experiencing it to 100,000! :). I wonder if this will be a bit like when we screened the film at the Manchester Velodrome as cyclists rode around the track but with lots more people!


Despite the film not being screened that day, it was well worth the trip. We enjoyed wandering around the Andfestival trail, checking in on the various art and film installations on offer around the city. In particular we loved catching a glimpse of David Shrigley in action at his tattoo salon and getting totally mind warped by Kurt Hentschläger’s Zee installation.


We enjoyed lunch at the very chilled out independent Bold Street Coffee before heading over to The Bluecoat to watch a live video stream from the LevelFive performance workshop ‘inspired by the self-actualization seminars that first became popular in the 1970s‘. Participants had spent a whole weekend creating new characters and abiding by the rules of this seemingly cult phenomenon. We enjoyed watching Dave Mee of Madlab live on this very strange show.


Before heading home, we couldn’t resist getting our feet nibbled by some funny little fish. Not part of Andfestival but might as well have been for the unique and strange experience.

All in all a weekend of uncomfortable and inspired experiences! Next stop York and the Aesthetica Short Film Festival.


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I've had lots of jobs in my life, too many to mention but my first love is writing.
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