More Screenings?! Watch this space….

I was thinking back to when we screened the film at the Manchester Velodrome and how wonderful it was watching the cyclists come off the track to watch the film on the velodrome screen in their cycling gear… 

This led us to thinking about screening the film again grass roots/ pop-up style. It feels like the right time, with the Olympics coming up and we’re all inspired by the Dev2Del crossplatform programme at Stoke Your Fires Festival where Sandi Dubrowski encouraged us as filmmakers to get out there, connect with audiences and self-distribute films, empowering contributors en route. Recently we were at the Manchester Histories Festival and got chatting to some sport science academics at MMU who suggested that we submit an asbtract to an annual conference and screen the film. Apparently they are looking for something new and the journey to making this film sounded interesting to them. A bit of planning and connecting is required but… watch this space.

Thanks for Sheffield Doc Fest and xolabs for the inspiration.


Cycle in cinema:


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I've had lots of jobs in my life, too many to mention but my first love is writing.
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