Produced and Directed by

Caroline Ward

Written by

Erinma Ochu

Location Cameras

Sarah Hodgetts

Caroline Ward


Liam Shanagher

Sound Designer

Kevin Logan


Lorraine Parker, Peter Brewer, Steve Parnell, Stan Sutcliffe, Sue Sutcliffe, Peter Brewer, Kasper Bijlsma, Phil Harrison, Alan Edmondson, Fred Smith,  Carolien van Herrikhuyzen, A Whitehead,  Barnaby Swinnerton,  Nicolas Heap, Charles Fryer-Stevens, Russ Snowdon, Peter Rhodes, Cliff Sutcliffe, Barney Storey, Paul Evans,  James Mills, Margaret Sutcliffe, Con Collis, Michael Delaney, Mark Flening, Paul Mills, Jeanette Buxter, Judith Soden, Allen John Pettitt, David Summond, Mick Youngson, Ron Hinchliffe, Philip Bradbury, George Brown, Dave Watson, Clive Wanmslby, Martin Kirwin, Brian Byland, David Melvin, Wallace Collins, John Wynne, Miicie Wolstenholme, Jon Verbickas, Raymond Groves, George Chaplin, Hugh Barton, Dave Large, Steve Fleming

Filmed at

National Cycling Centre

Manchester Velodrome

Original Music

‘North Curve’

Kevin Logan

North West Film Archive at Manchester Metropolitan University

4025 – Cycling in Cheshire and Peak District

4026 – Cycling in Wales, High Peak and Cheshire

4254 – Trips Out With The Cyclist Touring Club

With thanks to

Marion Hewitt

Bob Barber

E Spencer Spragg

John Flemming


Nick Holden-Sim

Rowan Morton-Gledhill

Made with support from BBC Aspirations 2010


2 Responses to Credits

  1. Steve Fleming says:

    Famous at last – I’m the kid in the opening sequence!

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