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More Screenings?! Watch this space….

I was thinking back to when we screened the film at the Manchester Velodrome and how wonderful it was watching the cyclists come off the track to watch the film on the velodrome screen in their cycling gear…  This led … Continue reading

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Manchester Velodrome Screening

Friday 1st October marked the return of Cote D’Azur to the velodrome in Manchester for a private screening to those who contributed. The film was fantastically received and we witnessed the same moment through out the screening as at the … Continue reading

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A Letter In Post

Today I sat down with the editor to get a full working sequence for the film. We managed it in 5 quickly paced hours (2 coffees helped me). Thankfully I could walk into the edit suite this morning with the … Continue reading

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Day 1 of the Shoot

After lots of rush around and hurly-burly getting the paperwork done (with much appreciated assistance!), ordering kit, taxis and briefing 3 woman crew (Me, Writer and Camera person), I woke up this morning with the one aim all this has been in … Continue reading

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Getting Started

I’m a keen cyclist, when I came to live and work in Manchester I visited the Velodrome track and enjoyed the unique challenge of going against the usual cycling instincts. I really wanted to capture the experience somehow in a … Continue reading

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